We are here with the #girlsfromstudio20, the ones that make your nights happier and your life better. We would like to inquire them some indiscreet questions and we need honest answers. We challenged AvaMistique, MadeleneRay and AmberHaze, let’s see what happened:


Q: How do you get through a bad day?

Ava Mistique: Well, anyone who had a bad day or was not in the mood at all, can tell you this: you just need to focus on what you have to do, to remember that your job is important and that you’re not a robot, you will have mixed feelings and bad moods from time to time.

Madelene Ray: I ask myself: what if I was a doctor? A surgeon, for instance? I would try even the impossible and I would do so much more for my patient’s life, so why Madelene Ray can be defeated by those days? I’m a real fighter 🙂

Amber Haze: I have no bad days, lol, I’m Amber Haze, do you guys think a bad experience can get me down, or what? :))

Q: Why are you attracted to your members?

Ava Mistique: I am, actually. They are funny and witty, I love their jokes and scenarios, I guess I have great members.

Ava Mistique

Ava Mistique

Madelene Ray: Some of my members are educated and we use to talk about various subjects, they attract me and I feel free to discuss with them.

Amber Haze: I have a thing for fetishes and they know that, that’s why they keep coming in my room. Usually, it’s like a first date situation, you don’t really know if you like someone until you get to know him better.

Q: What are your turn-ons?

Just as important as a man’s sense of humor is his smile.


…if he’s a “leader” is very erotic. And by this I don’t mean he’s dominating or jealous on other members, I mean he leads.

Ava Mistique: My turn-ons are about…a guy who can make me laugh! That’s a guy I want to be with and spend my time. He’s somebody I can see myself with for a hot night. If he can’t make you laugh, what are you going to be doing with all of that time, just you know, pleasuring yourself or talking about stuff? Improv classes? Just as important as a man’s sense of humor is his smile (when I get to see it).

Madelene Ray: Turn-ons for girls can be anything from a simple touch‌ all the way to a run of a hand through our hair. But on cam, I get turned-on by my great playlist (everyone keeps telling me I listen to really good music) and by some sexy lingerie. You know, with garters and stockings, haha.

Madelene Ray

Madelene Ray

Amber Haze: If he’s generous, if he cares about me and it’s patient. Also, I can’t help but wonder, what will he do in the bedroom? I imagine he’s here, in my room, too and I put some music, I dance watching myself in the mirror and oil my body. And if he’s a “leader” is very erotic. And by this I don’t mean he’s dominating or jealous on other members, I mean he leads. This is attractive both in the bedroom and out.

Q: Do you use sex toys?

Ava Mistique: Yes, I use a red silicone – average size for delicious deepthroat, Vibra Toy – this is really special, they can connect with my toy and send super sensations, ben wa balls, giggle Geisha balls, Ohmybod blue motion (you just need a good connection to your wi-fi and you can make Ava happy).

Madelene Ray: I don’t use toys, just using my magic fingers. :))

Amber Haze: Oh, but how I love them! I have a fine collection of realistic dildos, vibrators, clitoris stimulator, butt plugs, beads, whip, ballgag and nipple clips. Impressed?!

Q: Are you still in “the mood” after your shift is done?

Ava Mistique: Let me tell you something. One night, after my shift was finally over, I put my trenchcoat on and ordered a cab. Of course that when I got home, my then boyfriend saw me in the door frame, undressing slowly and…you can imagine what happened after.

Madelene Ray: Yes, I have moments when after I finish my shift I just love that liberating feeling and I’m in my #sexymood again. Just hearing a breath in my ear sends shivers down my spine…

Amber Haze: I’m a bit flirty after my shift, yes. But that’s the charm of being a provocative woman.

Amber Haze

Amber Haze

Q: What was your best experience online?

Ava Mistique: The fact that I had multiple orgasms on cam (three, to be precise). Then, he left my room super excited by his personal record, so the next day he visited me again, lol.

Madelene Ray: My best experience online is linked to my first day as a cam model. I was super nervous and a bit shy and then, he came: a nice gentleman who saw my mood and changed it! He took me in private and was so calm and patient with me, he asked me so many nice things that I managed to relax and to finish my shift in his delightful company.

Amber Haze: Well to be honest my best experience was when I fulfilled one of my lovers fantasy making him use all his funds for me, giving me the feeling that I’m a queen and he works just to spoil me.
I found out that he has a boots and latex outfit fantasy, so I invested a nice amount buying this kind of clothes and boots to make him happy. He was a gentleman and returned me the favour. I consider this my best experience because I was able to make him fall for me and for a few months we spended precious moments, moments that started with an innocent friendship and ended with a naughty sexual experience.

Q: What was your funniest experience online?

One guy wanted me to lay on my bed, tied up with some rope and red silk lingerie, then to move slowly and shake my ass.

Ava Mistique: Once, a member made me sing a childish song and dance like a chicken :)) he said this is his biggest fetish and that he can see that I’m a sexy lady, but…all he needs is…some chicken legs. I laughed so hard, this really made my day. I’m going to tell my grandchildrens about that special encounter, let me see just how I can change some details 😀

Madelene Ray: I don’t settle for mediocrity, and my members know that I am the best. If I had to pick two shows that I can’t forget and stood in my mind (and body) for a while, I would talk about THIS: one guy wanted me to lay on my bed, tied up with some rope and red silk lingerie, then to move slowly and shake my ass. “Just like a caterpillar, baby”, he told me, genuine.

Amber Haze: One member wanted me to throw a lipstick in my room and then search for it, blindfolded and pick it up using my mouth. I came out with nasty bruises and I regretted that show, but after a while, it turned out to be a funny experience.

Studio20 Q&A with #GirlsFromStudio20 - Sex Talk

Studio20 Q&A with #GirlsFromStudio20 – Sex Talk

Q: How was your first orgasm online?

Ava Mistique: With an Ohmybod – I felt something very similar with…cumming inside, as I was so so horny.

Madelene Ray: We talked a lot and his lovely smile fascinated me, so I felt the urge to show him something more and…so I did. We came together. He’s still in my chatroom, as my loving member.

Amber Haze: Using Vibratoy + my naughty imagination and touching myself as I watched a man pleasuring himself c2c with me – this is reaaally intense, swear to God!

Q: What was the most challenging request you have received from a member?

Ava Mistique: The most challenging request was to tie myself to the bed and to sexy pose, with a dildo strategically put between my legs.

Madelene Ray: I don’t think that my members made me do such things, they always told me that I look like a doll and I need to be admired, not touched. Sometimes, I kind of wish for something more challenging and exciting, so I take the lead and teach them how to play by my rules.

Amber Haze: Deepthroat for…let me see, about half an hour. And that silicone was kind of big. It was so painful, my face and cheecks hurted so bad, I couldn’t talk or eat after this challenging & awkward request.

Q: What is your deepest fantasy?

Ava Mistique: My deepest fantasy is to finally find someone that can take control over my body, make me feel powerless and…you know, just really dominate me.

Madelene Ray: Blindfolded, tied to the bed, kissed all over my body, arroused with ice cubes (that melts between my legs).

Amber Haze: To use a strapon on someone. Male or female, but I’d rather choose a male.