Love is such an important part of life, at least for the most of us, but we must be careful about who we trust. As we all know, the modelling career comes with great earnings, so always expect the unexpected when it comes to relationships. We are here to explain a few strategies that boyfriends use to manipulate you. 


Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves. It otfen develops gradually, making it difficult for a person to detect. Got kind of confused? Seems too much to be your case? Let’s see some examples:


,,You’re too sensitive”/,,You need help, you’re too emotional” 

,,I never said that” / ,,It’s not a big deal”

,,I was just joking” (after saying something really hurtful)

,,You’re taking things too personally”

,,You know your memory is so bad”

Not gaslighting

,,You misunderstood me, what I meant was..”

,,I didn’t think it might come off like that”

,, I’m sorry that what I said hurt you, that wasn’t my intention.”

,, I didn’t realize this could be upsetting”

,,I understand we could see things differently.”

An abusive partner may accuse you of being irrational or crazy, in order to keep you near him, isolate you from the good people from your life ( who might tell you he’s now okay ), and lower your self-esteem. They will continuously implement ideas, even stereotypes in your mind, until you start believing them.


2. Love bombing

Love bombing ( also a type of psychological abuse) is when someone overwhelms you with loving actions, affection, unusual amounts of compliments with the final purpose of manipulating you.


  • bombarding you with texts or calls
  • you setting healthy boundaries upsets them
  • they want your undivided attention
  • the relationship feels intensive and almost intrusive
  • they try to demand commitment for you
  • saying ,,I love you” very quickly and unexpectedly
  • they try to convince you that you’re soulmates 

So, this is just part one of our article, partly because we don’t want the shock to be just too much. Lately, we observed the toxicity of models’ relationships, and maybe, just maybe you need a sign. Stay tuned for the next article, and let’s check out together how we can protect ourselves ❤️