Hello, and welcome to LiveCamsNews, the central location for the latest news about adult camming. We will talk today about a petite model with a powerful presence in the camming industry. Her name is Briele Sol and she’s here to stay for a long time.

Briele Sol posing for the interview in lingerie

LiveCamsNews: Briele, we’re thrilled to have you with us today. Can you please tell me more about yourself and how did you enter the camming industry?

Briele Sol: Thank you for having me! I’m Briele Sol, and while I may be petite in stature, I’ve always had a big personality and an even bigger drive to succeed. The idea of creating my own path and calling the shots was too tempting to resist. So, I entered the adult camming industry.

LiveCamsNews: We love your determination! Share with us some of your strategies, please!

Briele Sol: I always stay true to myself and that’s very important for me! I’m very honest, and positive and I try to have a good vibe when I’m meeting somebody new in my life. This works also in my personal life, not just in camming.

LiveCamsNews: That’s a model that other models should follow also! What’s the most rewarding thing in your career so far?

Briele Sol: The most rewarding aspect is the freedom it offers. I can come to work whenever I want, I set my limits and I’m the master of what’s happening in my room.

LiveCamsNews: That’s cool! How do you manage to avoid misconceptions?

Briele Sol: Stigma and misconceptions are part of the territory, but I believe that education and open-mindedness can dispel them. To those who don’t understand it, I’d say, don’t judge what you haven’t explored or learned about.

LiveCamsNews: Well put, Brielle ! What’s your advice for other models?

Briele Sol: My advice is simple: be fearless, be persistent, and be yourself. Don’t be discouraged by initial doubts or setbacks. Surround yourself with a supportive community of fellow models who can offer guidance and encouragement. Maybe start your career from a studio like I did!

Briele Sol posing for the interview in lingerie

Briele’s journey has just begun in the camming industry but we all agree that she’s something different and authentic. She has an amazing mindset and courage combined with a lot of determination and I think that will lead her to success very soon. Stay around for more fresh stories and insights in the camming industry and don’t forget to check us from time to time!