It’s time you get to know that yummy mommy in your dreams. Zelah Ficker is a MILF goddess, that mature intelligence on a perfect body. But who is hiding behind that dolly face? Let’s find out more



So, tell me zelah, what makes a member fall in love with you?

Haha, everyone has their reasons. But I think they like me because I’m genuine. I’m a good listener and I actually care. My big boobs are just a bonus 🤪🤪

the mom life and the model life. how can you manage to do it all?

Well, it’s not so complicated if you’re passionate about you’re doing. I love being a model and I believe it’s a lifestyle, not just a job. I love to talk to my followers, I do special content just for them everyday.

,,Being a model is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

so what do you love most about the model life?

Socializing. I love meeting new people and finding out about their lives, I think the diversity of human beings helps me develop myself. Maintaining relationships with my members is exciting for me.

Also, I love feeling sexy and confident, I love doing erotic shows, videos or photoshootings, it just raises my self-esteem and I’ll be feeling like a queen for the rest of the day.


do you think camming improved your life?

Definetly! It became a passion and a secret kink for me.

Camming improved my life not only money-wise, but in all the other aspects of my life. I learned so much about other people, and about myself. I gathered a lot of experience in fetishes, in how to pick my sex toys, the teasing experience and what an erotic show means. It’s art, it’s performance, it’s a thing that came naturally for me and I’m always looking to improve myself.  Working in the industry made me improve my sexual life and discover myself as a sexual entity. 

Meeting Zelah was such a fun experience. She has a great sense of humour, and I love the way she sees the world. She’ll never be in somebody’s business, because she has her own. She cares about her improvement and her well-being.

Her gestures are so feminine and delicate, and combining with a dirty mind and a naughty imagination, it is promised you’ll have a huge crush on her.

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