Being a webcam model is not an easy choice. Easy money doesn’t exist, if you want to get things you have to work hard, it doesn’t matter if you are working as a model or other. This article is written from the perspective of a model on becoming a cam model, expectations and attitudes.

Choosing this job has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I am not talking just about money. As a cam model my self-esteem has been increasing. I see my body with admiration and love, I feel myself as a wonderful and unique woman because we all are. 


I knew cam modeling brought lots of opportunities for me: earning money, improving my english skills, and developing an image, but this has gone further. My way of seeing the job has transformed. I don’t see it anymore as a temporary job to take, but a lifestyle to follow. 

First, it is important to take into account that you will have new experiences, you will see things that you never imagined to see, but everything is learning, that’s life. I can say it is a job that has helped me grow as a person. It has also helped me develop an image as a model I doubted I had.

Regarding money “ohh” you know we can earn too much that’s why I chose this job when I started but now it is not just about that. I`ve built relationships with people abroad and learned from new cultures. For more read: build better relationships with clients


I have some advice for you if you wanna start working as a model; As in any other job, waking up everyday full of energy is important to face those long hours. Learn more by reading: make the best of your time online.

First keep in mind that this is a job where you are going to have goals, responsibilities and benefits. Try to keep your private life separate from your job area. Be creative! This is an amazing job, as a webcam model you will always work with people most of the time with men, and that’s fine in my personal experience. I like it because I have been learning about them.


In 5 months time I’ve achieved more than expected with this job. I have a better life quality. I could pay debts, travel to places that I didn’t imagine I would be travelling to. Now my goal is to pay to finish my studies. I can’t wait for all the things I’ll get with effort.