“I have never deceived anyone, for I have never belonged to anyone. My independence was all my wealth: I have known no other happiness.” ― Cora Pearl courtesan of the demi-monde

I will continue the series about amazing artist of the past, that used their sexuality to change the world and human perception about female sexuality. Today incursion is into 18th century British courtesans. We have to mention:

Kitty Fisher

– a prominent British courtesan.

She enjoyed a rapid rise to fame thanks to a series of wealthy lovers and her capacity for self-publicity. Just as today’s camgirls use of modern media to cultivate their image, Kitty attained celebrity status by collaborating with artists and writers. Not only she brought her image to the public attention, but also promoted her reputation. Kitty fascinated artists, as her portraits attracted crowds to their works. Not to mention that in turn she understood the way exhibitions enhanced her public image.

Sophia Baddeley

– an English actress, singer and courtesan

At the height of her theatrical success, Sophia discovered that she could sustain herself financially thru wealthy benefactors. That’s how she became a courtesan. Her beauty, and also her extravagant lifestyle were famous. Coupled with fluidity for gender and sexuality she was also articulated in the narrative by cross-dressing, bed swapping, and duels.

Dorothea Jordan

– was an Anglo-Irish actress, courtesan and the mistress of Prince William, Duke of Clarence.

Not only that she kept her hold on the public for nearly 30 years, she e also did it mainly in comic tomboy roles. Never married, adopting the name Mrs. Jordan in order to acquire respectability. But pretty, witty and intelligent, Jordan soon came to the attention of wealthy men. Than lead to her becoming the mistress of Prince William, Duke of Clarence.

Emma, Lady Hamilton

– an English maid, model, dancer and actress.

Her real name was Amy Lyon, but she preferred to be known as Emma Hart. She began her career in London’s demi-monde, by becoming the mistress of a series of wealthy men. Culminating in the naval hero Lord Nelson. She also was the favorite model of the portrait artist George Romney. Emma did have a lot of attractive points; she had a good nature, great charm and sexuality, but also a very quick temper. She was kind, and in spite of her loud, rather coarse voice, most people were bowled over when meeting her for the first time.