If a woman hasn’t got a tiny streak of harlot in her, She’s a dry stick as a rule

D.H. Lawrence

Continuing the series about great women that paved the way to sexual empowerment of women nowadays and to the possibility for such jobs like influencer or cam girls, I will explore again the exciting world of courtesans. Today’s incursion will be into 19th century ladies of flirt.

Lola Montez (ne. Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert)

– Irish adventuress and “Spanish” dancer who achieved international notoriety through her liaison with King Louis I (Ludwig I) of Bavaria.

She adopted her stage name – Montez and performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre after succeeding her training as a dancer in Spain. Paramour to Liszt and Dumas, she also became the mistress of Alexandre Dujarier, part-owner of La Presse newspaper. And after moving to Munich not only that Louis I of Bavaria was so struck by her beauty, but also he offered her a castle and a noble title. She accepted, became Baroness Rosenthal and Countess of Lansfeld, and remained as his mistress.

Blanche d’Antigny

– singer, actress and courtesan , and Émile Zola’s muse and main model for his novel Nana

At age fourteen a young Romanian seduces her, and she accompanies him to Bucharest. Not only that she became the mistress of a Romanian archbishop, but also later the mistress of a Romanian prince. Also despite being the absolute butterfly of Romanian high society, Blanche got desperately homesick and went back to France. There not only that she started to work in a play, but also caused an absolute sensation. Was it due to her great acting? No. Because she was playing A STATUE of Helen of Troy. She didn’t have to move, talk, or do anything except stand there and look hot.

La Belle Otero

– a Spanish actress, dancer and courtesan.

Belle obtained a reputation for her great beauty, not to mention that she was famous for her numerous lovers. She was pretty, confident, intelligent, with an attractive figure. As a matter of fact one of her most famous costumes featured her voluptuous bosom partially covered with glued-on precious gems. Also her breast are believed to be inspiration for the twin cupolas of the Carlton Hotel built in 1912 in Cannes.