You want to start this job, you’ve heard something everywhere about this field but you still don’t know for sure what to say? Don’t be scared, you are neither the first nor the last girl with these thoughts.
Modelling involves a set of factors that you need to consider, but you need to be aware of from the beginning.
There are many misconceptions about this job, we guarantee that none of them is true. All your data is confidential, when you simply do not want to do something you don’t do it, and members only have access to you online. So you can put your fears aside.

What does this job entail?

You probably already have high expectations from your life, you want cars, houses, luxurious vacations, the whole influencer package. You can have all this, but like anywhere, they won’t come to you doing nothing.
This career also requires a lot of work and dedication, and just like in any business, something invested in the beginning.

If you work in a studio it is more convenient. They will be able to help you with a few outfits, they will provide you with make-up and so on. But if you are on your own, think seriously that at the beginning you will have to put down some money. You will always need fresh outfits, so always to incite members, make-up is very important as well. All the costs add up, you have to be aware of them because until you start earning money you have to support yourself.

Have higher expectations than heels

You must be 101% dedicated to this job. Think about it. You basically want to build relationships with your members. To fall in love with you so that they will be faithful to you as well to gain from them. It takes time to do that. You have to keep in touch with them every day, even when you are not online. Only then will they feel close to you, otherwise you are just a beautiful figure in the room that is always there, but does not differ at all from the others.

Getting here … Maybe you already have a fairly broad general culture, or you know how to lead a conversation so that it doesn’t end until you want to. If not, we recommend you to take some personal development courses, or at least read online – it’s free!
You activate in a market where members already know what they can get. You have to come up with something, physical appearance is important, but the mind will lead you to success. Learn to communicate, to use body language, to be a complete package so that members can think only of you.

Piece of advice

Be prepared for anything! Don’t be demoralized if you don’t make the amounts you dream of at first. It takes some time. Learn to learn from mistakes, to always take the best part of a situation. Any step back can be 3 steps forward if you learn to manage problems. Last but not least, be committed! Whatever you do while you live must be assumed. You can’t achieve success otherwise, worse, it will frustrate you. Try to balance everything forward and make a decision. Do you want more from yourself? Be prepared to give you more. Get out of your comfort zone. To exceed your limits and to become the best version of yourself.