As one of the vanguard visionaries masterminding the novelties when it comes to adult entertainment, the mesmerising Francesca McGray can become your number one addiction – if she desires so, that is. The modern version of a blonded Barbie (only more busty and a booty that will make you put your glasses on) always has an ace up her sleeve when it comes to the seduction gamble. Since she started working in the adult industry not more than three years ago, you can place your bets that she is a veteran femme fatale when it comes to the art of camming. 



Both eye candy and soul food, this wild goddess can cheerfully open your appetite for life.. or the doors to discovering yourself. Most of the time even both of them. We all had that one partner at some point in our life (or we wished we had) that completely changed the way we perceived ourselves as sexual beings. Well, this whip-smart angel who behaves like an alluring huntress looking for her prey will give you a fresh perspective on what temptation feels like. 

In a seamlessly open-minded industry, Francesca McGray is a total package. If you check her online, you will get a personal comedian, porn star and bluntly honest friend – all in one, with a ribbon on it. Next to her cheeky jokes and enthralling hourglass shape, you will realise that Albert Einstein was right. Time is indeed relative. What feels like minutes worth of enjoying her company will actually be hours, and hours will be days. They say that next to the right person, time flies like crazy… and whoever stated that clique was right. 


The best part about her personality? Not necessarily her signature sense of humour and charisma, or the way she spouts dirty details of her undisclosed fantasies.

But being passionate about everything she does – dancing, teasing, touching and overall giving the best show her audience will ever witness. With such an ambitious undertaking in an increasingly competitive market, Francesca McGray knows when to put her silky, crystal-embedded string and gripping smile. Intense. Enthusiastic. Just look into her eyes. 

Living by Oscar Wilde’s infamous quote “Everything in this life is about sex – except sex. Sex is about power”, Eyrie can give you a first-class ticket to the land of pleasure. Be weary enough tho, because she will make sure it is a one-way road.

Ready for the ride (or should I say flight) of your life? Buckle up because Francesca will surely blindfold you and take you to paradise – she is an expert at it and not shy about showcasing it.