Just to clarify from the beginning, toys aren’t just for alone time. This means that, even if you are super familiar with how to use sex toys while masturbating, trying them out with partners can feel like a whole different story. And while it’s not an exact science, you might find yourself in the position of being unaware how to get started. Luckily for you, in a lot of ways, there’s not a fundamental difference between using a toy with a partner and using one on yourself. Actually, you can probably use most of the toys you masturbate with during partner play as well.

This being said, having a partner around opens up a lot of new possibilities as well – both in terms of partner-specific toys and techniques that often require an extra pair of hands. Be it as it is, sex toys can be a strong addiction to any sex life, as long as all parties are curious about the matter.

Below you will find anything you need to know about how to use sex toys with a partner – anything from choosing the right gear, to how to get creative about it.

But first…

Why use sex toys?

Let’s say that you are not convinced. And that is perfectly fine. Sex toys definitely aren’t for everyone, or for every couple. But in case you’re interested in the matter, there are a few benefits to using sex toys that are pretty worth mentioning.

First and foremost – they are fun. According to sex therapist Rosara Torrisi, “Sex is the adult version of the playground. It’s where we’re allowed to go and be playful (…) you can use anything you want on the playground – including toys.”

Second of all, plenty of people, especially women – require certain types of simulation in order to reach orgasm.According to ongoing studies, women require at least some clitoral stimulation to get off.


What kind of sex toys do we talk about?

Any sex toy is a good sex toy! But just to make sure that we are on the same page, let’s talk about some of the most common toys and accessories available that you might want to consider to use when pleasing a woman.

Lush by Lovense – LillyBayler’s Favorite Toy 

Lilly Bayler

Hello there! I heard you talked about sex toys and I hopped in the discussion just in time. My name is Lilly Bayler and I am here to talk about my favorite toy: Lush 3. Using the Lovense Lush 3 is a fun and easy way to explore your sexuality and add a little excitement to your partnered play. So, let’s dive in.

How to use the toy

  1. Charge the toy

Note that before you start using your Lush 3, it is important to fully charge it, simply by using the provided USB cable. Before use, the toy should be charged for at least two hours.

  1. Clean the toy

It is of utmost importance to keep your sex toys clean to prevent the spread of bacteria and infections, so wash it with warm water and mild soap – or if you have a toy cleaner, that’s for sure best. Keep in mind to dry the toy thoroughly before use. 

  1. Turn on the toy

Simply press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Lush 3 will vibrate briefly to let you know it’s on.

  1. Adjust the intensity of the toy

Make sure you use the plus and minus buttons in order to adjust the intensity of the vibrations. It has a range of levels- from a gentle buzz, to a strong rumble.

  1. Use the toy and have fun

The partner can either hold it in her hand and apply it to the body, or she can insert it vaginally or anally. Lush 3 has a curved form, aimed to fit the natural contours of the body, so it should be comfortable and pleasurable to use.

  1. Use the app

Lush 3 can be remotely controlled using the Lovense app (available both on iOS and Android). To use the app, pair the phone with your toy using Bluetooth. Here’s the fun part of being able to play with sex toys as a couple 😉 You see, from the app, you can control the intensity of the vibrations, create custom vibration patterns and even use the toy in conjunction with music or the partner’s touch.

When you’ve finished using the toy, press and hold the power button for a few seconds in order to turn it off.

Fun ways to use the toy

Take your partner out for dinner, but with a twist. You can also go for a stroll, out for coffee or even just shopping.

If you want to have real fun, ask your girl to cook dinner for the both of you (of course, with your help), while she uses Lush 3. Let’s see how far she can go not to let go a sound 🙂

Handsree Vibrator – Gia Wellborn’s Go To

Heyo, Gia Wellborn here (to remind you that sex toys are made for enjoyment). Through a lot of trial and error, I found the perfect one for me. Not only did I find the perfect one, but I also found some great ways to use it. Its name is We-Vibe Sync, and it has impressive power, quiet motor and features. But enough about the toy, let’s discuss HOW to use it with your partner for the sake of the pleasure you’ll both enjoy when experimenting with this hands-free vibrator.

Shower fun


How about the two of you take a shower together, but the plot twist is that the shower turns…steamier? The Sync can be worn in a bath, even hot tubs.

Funky Cinema

Pick a good movie, but make sure your partner wears something extra saucy. This way, you’ll amp up the heat any day of the week. Keep the remote in your pocket and get in some extra thrills while you enjoy the latest award winning films. 

Bumpy Road Trip

A trip to places near or far is always fun, especially if you have the best playlist to listen to, snacks and good company. But between point A and point B, something sexy and kinky can really liven up the ride.

Long distance orgasms

If the person you love, like or lust for isn’t really near you, they can still help you get off online – and I am not talking about cybersex here. The We-Connect app lets partners share the control of their vibe while on text, audio or video chat. Welcome to the future of sex!

The Cock Ring – Ava Bristal’s Secret Weapon


Ciao, Ava Bristal entered the chat! Firstly I wanna tell you that there are a lot (and I mean tons) of sex toys out there, but only a few are made with penis-owners in mind. But trust me, you will find out sooner or later that those toys that are penis-oriented are really worth it for both parties.

The cock ring is simply a ring that goes around the cock, be it an actual flesh and bone penis, or a dildo. It is typically made out of silicone leather or metal. It is easy to use and it’s a smart starter choice for those making their foray into sex toys. Moreover, it’s usually worn at the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles.

If you’re new to cock rings, start with a stretchy, less restrictive ring, such as one made out of silicone and leather or other soft material.

How to Use the Cock Ring with a Woman

Here is the part where vibrating rings come into play. They deliver vibrations to both the penis and the vagina during sex. The vibration can travel through your penis into her vagina, making you a “real life” dildo. It can be a great source of clitorial simulation.

When it comes to sex positions, stick to the basics like missionary and cowgirl. However, you can also try the lotus position. The key is to grind against the ring. But if none of these positions are your cup of tea, cock rings still remain a very non-intrusive sex toy. Chances are, a cock ring will intensify and make any of your favorite positions more enjoyable. 

All in all, what matters most is the mutual pleasure you receive from playing with these toys. Don’t forget that in the sex playground, fun is all that counts! See you next time.