So, you’re a camgirl and want to find out what are the best webcams out there. You might already know by now that broadcasting the best image of you is CRUCIAL to the business. Pick a crappy webcam and, well, your career in the camming industry won’t last long. Luckily for you, we’ve selected five of the best webcams available on the market that are sure to propel your success considerably. Let’s get into them.

Logitech HD C270  

The ultimate starter webcam for beginner cam models, the Logitech C270 is the one to go for! It offers a decent video quality for streaming, with clear and true colors. It’s compact, easy to carry around if you’re travelling and also want to work. Ideal for newbies, it shoots in HD 720p and 16:9 ratio widescreen, and also comes with a built-in noise-cancelling mic and auto light correction. Priced at just $34.98, it’s the best affordable webcam for models that start to dabble in the camming industry.

Logitech HD Pro 920

Earned some money and want to take your streaming quality up a notch? The Logitech Pro 920 brings you the FULL HD experience. Offer your members a vivid stream, with true-to-life colors that will never disappoint. It’s no wonder that this webcam has received a lot of appraisal over the years (it’s still used by most streamers, and it’s been launched 8 years ago). It’s priced at just over $100 ($108.50).

Logitech C922 Pro

Vibrant. Stunning. Pro. The Logitech C922 Pro is one of the best webcams you can possibly find on the market if you’re looking for a great value-performance ratio. Incredibly affordable and designed to offer one of the best streaming quality out there, this webcam is sure to bring you some new fans. It shoots in 720p video quality at 60 FPS, with quality off the charts for the price that it’s being sold for (just $86, wow!). Equipped with an HD autofocus, this webcam is sure to produce for you incredibly sharp images even in dim light settings.

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD

Looking to go even further in streaming quality? Say no more, the Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam offers STUNNING video quality. It’s the only webcam that comes with HDR in it AND it streams in 4k video quality, which says it all. It has a 5x zoom, pan, and three field view options, without losing any video quality. Trust us, you’ll look great in any light with this cam. It’s priced at $184.99, but it does takes your stream to a whole other level. Investing in equipment is crucial if you want to grow into a successful cam model and reach your goals. As you’ve already noticed, all the webcams we listed are Logitech. Yes, Logitech is the go-to brand when it comes to webcams, and we can truly say that they always live up to their reputation. We’ve tried different brands, and NONE have compared to what this company offers.