So it finally happened! You had a mental breakdown online! Well, don’t worry it can happen to anyone. Any model goes through at least one and people, in general, will have one at some point. Sometimes the stress is just too much. Still, you panic and you think what’s there to do? Especially if members saw you had your breakdown on cam.

Ok, take a deep breath and focus. We are here to help you and tell you some steps that can help you manage a breakdown when it happens and what to do to keep calm and focused so you can get back to work. All it takes is not panicking. We know your first thought is how will this affect your traffic, income, and overall sales. But fret not! If you manage it well it might actually be a plus!

A mental breakdown, now what?

mental breakdown

First things first: breathe and then tell your members you will take a short break but that you will be back. Smile and be polite as you usually are. Then after you’re offline spend a couple of minutes in your room just processing what happened. Lie in bed and get your thoughts in order. Maybe even open a window to let some fresh air in.

Another good technique is to try and focus on things you see around your room. Maybe clothes or some heels or your favourite perfume just sitting there on a nightstand. It will help you regain your focus. Then think about what brought on this breakdown. Was it the lack of sleep? Or is your schedule a bit hectic? Whatever it is make sure you get to the root cause of it.

If it’s sleep then maybe you need a better routine to get some rest. Change the time you go to bed and get up. Or if it’s the schedule and your daily routine then see what doesn’t work for you and improve there. Maybe you need more exercise, or to not skip meals or you need more time to yourself to disconnect.

Talk to the support team

After you’ve calmed down you can go talk to your support team. They are sure to offer some valuable advice and even help you if they can. Maybe you need to rearrange your login hours or make a change to see if it helps you. Instead of logging in at 8 am maybe try 10 am and see if it makes you feel better in any way. In any case, whatever the idea the support can help. Tell your team your needs whatever those are and let them in. They can even try to give you a new room so you can start fresh. The sky’s the limit.

Keep in mind that whatever happens your team is there to help but before them, you can also help yourself. Maybe meditate, practice mindfulness, eat well and regularly, get exercises and take good care of your mental health. And don’t worry about the members. They are human too! If you explain what happen we’re sure they will understand and even relate to you!