If you are familiar with the cam girl job, you must already know the importance of creating and posting good content. If you are new to the job, in this article I will explain the importance of being active in your social media accounts and having a platform where you can sell your exclusive content. You can read more on: Monetizing content when you’re short on time, to learn about posting and monetizing on social media. 

Today, the relevance of social media has become wider. More and more users are online every day. Average spend time on platforms has also risen. The way we interact with others has never been so easy. We can reach someone on the other side of the world. As a model you must take advantage and leverage on these platforms. This way you are more likely to be visited more by your followers on streaming platforms. The more followers, the greater chance they will tip on your shows and also subscribe to your exclusive content.

Post daily

The reason behind the need of posting daily is that this way algorithms in social media platforms will take your role as a creator and reward you by making you more viral. For example: Stories and fleets are shown for only 24 hr. If you post everyday, you will always be displayed first in your followers mobile device. Posting is also important as followers/clients seek to know more of you and what you are up to. 

Long-haired brunette thoughtfully looks at huge red like from Instagram. Close-up shot of cute tanned girl

Reply messages

Sometimes your inbox can be full of messages. These messages are opportunities to sell exclusive content or to invite followers to visit your room. Never let pass by a week to answer, as this could be seen as rudeness. Have patience and try establishing a good conversation with all of them.


As an influencer your accounts must be real. Like, comment and follow accounts and topics of your interest. These will help you build an image around your profile. Look for trends and be part of them.

Must do

As a final advice: The goal behind managing social media platforms for models is to give them the opportunities to monetize their image. Smoothly send this traffic to your qrush accounts, and let money come to you. Read more: Turn followers into paying members

Following these basic tasks will guarantee interaction on your social media and monetization platforms. Boost your image, boost your income.