We all know Reels took over instagram these days, so, as a model, you must always be updated with social media so you can get the best results in the growth of your members. So, we’ll make you a favour and give you some ideas that combine sexyness and fun and will go viral much faster than a simple post.Warning! You might get addicted to this kind of promo.


1.Before/after reels

Use Reels like once a day to see what other models are doing, what other influencers are doing for what trending songs they use. These days, the Doja Cat fandom just grows bigger and bigger, the sexy songs have a better reach because who doesn’t love sexy songs, and what could be easier?

Just post a before-after make-up or outfit right  when you’re preparing for your shift, and you’re done. How do you do that?

Start by a shot in your pijamas, then try to make a transition: cover up your camera with your hand, with your leg (like, step on your camera), move the camera fast in any direction(and keep it in the next video to make a smooth transition). Transitions are very popular these days and add a few seconds to the video. I know it seems kinda complicated, but it becomes a trick after you master it and it saves some you time on camera. Don’t give them more than 15 seconds, if they want more they should see you online!

2.Photo collage reels

Easy-peasy! Just remember to take a shot of your legs in high heels when you go out, with your glass of wine when you take a bath ( or tea, or just your leg is more than spectacular), your cleavage when it’s sun outside, golden hour on your skin, get creative! You can’t always be all dolled up and in a mood to take a picture, but you can play the mysteryous because it’s easier, requires less props, and it keeps everyone excited.

3.All those Tiktok trending dances? A must!

Don’t stress too much about it. If it’s something more crafty like this in the image, just try a tutorial. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just using a popular sound should put you in people’s pages and make you seen, just using some easy dance steps, writing a joke, could bring your followers closer to you. If they get to know you better it’s your win. Remember the most loved cam models are the ones that show their personality, and have fun with their accounts!


In the end, this article is challenging you to get creative with your accounts. Have fun and make your creativity expand. Use these tools that you have, every platform, make the best of it and make it memorable for yourself too. Need more advice? We’re waiting for your comments below!