Have you been looking for a long time? Have you heard of her, but haven’t had direct contact yet? A little in doubt? Many stories, you don’t even know what to think about how she really is? Well, now you’re going to meet RubyJanson and her story.

The brunette you probably heard about that makes you feel like she has power over you. A combination of romance, adrenaline and a lot, but a lot of passion. Be careful, things will continue to heat up!

Different attitude

When it comes to Ruby, think of the word “volatile” as her best friend. Maybe she’s the one who takes you to the highest peaks, but it can also be the one that lowers you from there. You have to be realistic, to assume everything that you say, to keep promises and especially, to be willing to do the job where clearly there is no place to do that job. Enjoy!

Real-life Ruby

As you probably thought, in real life Ruby is one of the funniest, but also sociable person. You can talk absolutely anything with her, she can be your best friend, but also your best dirty-buddy. You don’t have to feel inferior (unless you want that 🙂 ).

Ruby is the kind of person who loves to go out, to explore, to make friends, but especially to feel good where she is but to relax with other people as well. The kind who loves adrenaline, don’t be surprised if you ever see a video of her jumping with a parachute or doing something crazy. A little dose of adrenaline is good for everyone but also is a dose of Ruby. So if you want a complete package, a buddy, a beautiful woman, an arrogant presence, there you have it. You lucky guy!

How is her content?

She is more of a show-woman. A little old-fashioned. The kind of hot, oily, dirty show. Straight outta your wettest dream. She can drive you crazy, she can be your madness. Once you got into the Ruby trap, there is no way out. Be prepared for everything. Don’t even think that you can resist the attraction. Wanna try? Just click here. See you in a couple of days, we know we are right.

There have been many eras of Ruby. It’s been a time where there have been darker things. We are not necessarily saying that those times are over, but you never know what can make her like that again with you.

The whole “words are nothing” is more than applicable here. You need to meet Ruby, talk to her. Have some crazy nights, or some crazy days with her, then you can think that you had her effect. Even if you’re into her pink way of life, like in a dream, even if it’s her old dark way, for sure you’ll fall for her naughty way of being.
Check her out!