In the cam girl underground culture, infamous notoriety has never been more measurable and the online performer economy has never reigned so supreme. Rookies humbly arise from nothingness, cracking dirty inside jokes and making their own danceable version of Cardi B’s WAP. Before you know it, their chatroom explodes with outrageously generous tips and their digital presence blows up into a monolith, casting a vast shadow over other models. And RubyPipper is no exception to this glaring scenario. 

With a deeply-rooted passion for everything vintage and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, the camming A-list star started making her way up through the labyrinthine halls of the camming world one year ago. With nothing but a comically bombastic dedication for her craft and a pair of frizzy bangs that she doesn’t want to be reminded about, RubyPipper commenced in creating a full-fledged storyline on self-development and girl power.


The Best Therapy? We call it RubyPipper

A few months later and hundreds of eventful eight-hour streams, the 20-year-old shot of whiskey in a teacup managed to sweep into the beloved underworld of camming. In this carnival of often capricious personas and traps at the beginning (cough, and ending too) of every shift, the dazzling Ruby kicked off her online performer career by catapulting herself into the stratosphere. 

While she is oozing an unapologetically unique charisma and a down-to-earth attitude when streaming, the moment Ruby presses the “end session” button, she does everything possible to make sure that her next shift will surpass the last one. Rejuvenating in the sanctuary of her private bedroom by eating sugar 24/7 and pampering herself seems to be the type of religion Ruby unquestionably believes in.

If you will join her online after she undergoes this treatment, you will find yourself in the following dilemma – is she doing a masterclass in playing the role of a bewitching trained confidence that makes you open up, or is she just that charming on a daily basis? Well, that is one of the questions you will have to answer on your own. 


The Once-In-A-Lifetime Woman

We can only guess that someone who is the whole enchilada and the living ridge between mainstream and adult is the whole package one could never get tired of.

With every day that passes, you discover every inch of her personality. And when you think that you got all of the puzzle pieces on the table and in the right place, RubyPipper viciously slams the table with an overweening smirk while whispering “You sure you truly know that much about me?”. 

Drown in both a saintly patience and a devilishly ambitious impatience that make her move fast, with the care to make it last, Ruby is here for the long haul.

With Vogue-like, eye-catching outfits, a strong message for the world about how empowering sex positivity can be and imbued in a Libra energy, RubyPipper is the definition of unforgettable. No really, we mean that.

If you search for unforgettable’s definition in the dictionary, there is probably Ruby’s face lying there somewhere.