We can all agree that the past 18 months have been one hell of a ride for online adult performers, camming platforms and business developers alike. In this COVID climate that has metamorphosed into the new “normal” and unlike the pandemics that occurred before, we had the internet and porn to fill those idle hours at home and midnight waves of horniness. As the traditional payment platforms get gradually spooked by sex work (you can’t tell me that the bank never perilously called to ask where your incomes come from), cam girls are finding their freedom in the high-tech realm of digital dough – cryptocurrency. 

The uncertainty revolving around whether another COVID variant is going to take centre stage in the following months is adding up to the amount of power that both banks and credit card providers exert sometimes. Unfortunately, the scenario where a bank decides to close down your account due to the provenience of your income is anything but unknown. Here is where cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) step out of the shadows and come into the limelight with their blockchain-based revenue potential. 


Ok, but what the f is cryptocurrency?

In this dangerously complicated rundown, we got some fortunate news. Besides the benevolent presence of “adult” cryptocurrency tokens such as cumrocket (I didn’t invent the word, cummies really exist – and they sold 2,177 NFTs in one weekend last month), camming platforms are gradually cultivating a creator ecosystem with a diverse array of payment options that include crypto. Cutting out the third party branch from your incomes tree sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Reduced fees that cam girls pay, little to no risk to get your account suspended and no more calls from individuals who ask you “You got a transfer from a company called Chaturbate – what type of company is it?”. 

Bongacams.com gives users the opportunity to purchase tokens with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, therefore offering you acquisition privacy (and 23% discount, for that matter). Chaturbate follows that paying scheme too by integrating a long list of choices when it comes to crypto – Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Horizen are just a few from that lineup. Flirt4Free seems that they have taken up the privacy and security conscious matra as well, not to mention that if you purchase credits via crypto, there are no deals or additional fees. Seems like everywhere you turn your head, blockchain revenues are there. Soon enough, we will most probably be able to pay our Bounty from the vending machine with Bitcoin. 


Financial freedom and fresh means to cash in

For online adult performers, the benefits are quite potentially endless. While cryptocurrencies are not meant (at least for now) to fully replace traditional payment methods, they do offer undeniable advantages, taking into consideration the nature of the camming business. From your incomes not being traceable to skipping the whole additional charges annoyance, crypto has it all covered for you. 

Not to mention that if you want to tap into the NFTs universe, you are taking a new and abstruse path that leads to a new revenue stream. In their simplest form, NFTs can be described as a piece of digital art. While some of us cannot necessarily comprehend why a pop art image of a monkey vomiting glazed donuts is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, experts claim that they are here to stay. The best part of becoming the freshest NFT creator? Unlike cryptocurrency, although you sell your piece for the desired price, its authenticity is traceable back to the creator, which seems a fair win for the copyright law. 

Although cryptocurrencies are heavily associated with criminal activity thanks to the old DarkWeb and Silk Road days, they do provide means for cam models to maximise their anonymity by providing an extra barrier guarding their sensitive and personal info. Familiarise yourself with it, own it, discover it – make that crypto wallet flood with money.