Being a successful model takes a lot of work. There are multiple things you need to work on. In this article we are going to talk about some tips on makeup for cam models. I hope this helps you to enhance your image and how you show yourself online. We will specifically talk about what makeup you can use.

Having your makeup prepared for going online is a little different than having your makeup to go out. The reason behind this is that most of the cameras distort light. This usually makes you look more pale and face features are not as distinguishable. Having this in mind will help you highlight your beauty through makeup.

Focus on eyes and lips

Natural or little makeup is not recommended when you are going to be online. It is suggested to start using strong colours to spotlight your eyes this can help you to make them appear shiny and bigger. You can use fake tabs to improve the appearance of your eyes. On the other hand your lips should also appear full and glossy. 

These two are the main features attracting users. Then proceed to strongly accentuate facial contour and blush to keep a smooth skin.


Keep your hair clean, and organized. Users love to see elegant, well dressed and beautiful models. Surprise your frequent clients with new and different hair styles. Don’t hide behind your hair, look directly at the camera and put a big smile on your face. You are now prepared to kill and earn a lot of money.

When having a photoshooting   

An extra tip for you is when creating content for monetizing platforms and social media profiles you can also blush and give gloss to your body, mainly highlight boobs by adding shades around. Using some blush on collarbones and shoulders is also a good idea to bring some extra sexuality.

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Having a well done makeup will help you attract more users in the streaming platforms, and your social media profiles. Use this to your advantage, look beautiful and feel powerful. Now that you know how to makeup properly I urge you to go and read instagram tips for cam girls and create some content for your followers. Keep that hard work and keep building this model / influencer profile.