OnlyFans has started to get pretty rotten nowadays. From deleted creator accounts for no reason whatsoever, to users being requested their biometric data from the site, OnlyFans has started to fall in the eyes of a lot of content creators. You have to wait enormous amounts of time to get your account verified, and communication is futile with them (emails don’t get replied). Well, that doesn’t sound that great for OnlyFans, and that’s why more and more content creators have started to search and register on alternative platforms where they can sell their content.

One of the platforms that had an immense growth in a very short amount of time (not even a year since its launch) is qrush. More and more people have started to migrate to this OnlyFans alternative, but how good is it really, and how much money can content creators really actually from it? Well, let’s find out.

What is qrush?

According to their official website: is home to artists, models, writers, fitness trainers, and more, but this is only the start. If your content is not approved by other social media sites, you can monetize it on qrush! You can sell videos online as an amateur or professional artist, you can sell pictures online as a new or experienced model, and you can offer any type of content to your subscribers. Your profile will be public, but the content you sell will be private. Set your prices and start capitalizing on the influence that you have online!

Sound nice, doesn’t it? Getting to monetize your content (which Instagram and Twitter are soooo jealous about), sound splendid! OnlyFans pays its content creators 80% of everything they bring in, with payouts received every 21 days. But what about qrush?

Rates, rates, rates

Okay, so now to address the essential question: “How are their rates?” Well, you’ll be pleased to find out that, until the end of this year, content creators earn 90% of the total sales they do on the site, with free weekly deposits. YOU, the content creator will receive 90% of all your content sales, after costs processing. They offer free weekly payouts and chargeback protection, so you won’t have to worry about your income. Nice.

They’re into Social Media. A lot.

Compared to OnlyFans, qrush takes care of its creators with marketing on social media. They’re heavy into promoting on Instagram and Twitter, and they’re fan base grows bigger and bigger with each passing day.

qrush helps you create and distribute your content, build a following, and earn money. You can promote your new music album, you can show your dance skills, or you can sell video, pictures, and other private content online with a 90% payout until the end of 2021.

You can earn money on it faster than you think

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced content creator or just at your beginnings, they’ve got you covered. They have their own tutorials and lessons, their own Academy, so you have everything that you need to know from the very start.

You can learn more about creating a profile that brings in followers from our Academy section. That’s where you will find guides and articles on how to become an influencer, how to sell photos online, how to sell videos online, how to optimize your earnings, how to use the qrush platform, and much more.

We think that this platform has an immense potential to become the next viral content creation platform, and we predict that it’ll outgrow OnlyFans by the end of 2022. We’ve received awesome feedback on it from both models and users, and we foresee a nice future for the app. Good luck monetizing your content!