You’ve often heard of the role of social media in the life of a cam model. Everyone seems to agree that you must have a presence there and it must be noticeable. 


Sure, you can feel overwhelming to choose as there are so many options right now and they all seem great. But how exactly do you pick? 


We’re here to tell you just that. Picking the best social media platform for you can mean the difference between success and failure.


How does one choose?


It all comes down to the members. See where your members are mostly from and then go ahead and find what social media is popular in their country. Chances are they will spend a lot of time there and they will stumble upon you easily if you’re there. 

Depending on what your goal is: sell nudes, get cam members, increase earnings etc, you need to look at Social Media as a tool to help you.

Your main aim is to get more members and keep the ones you already have. Because you see, many don’t want to just see you on the streaming website. They want to see your normal day-to-day life. What you eat, where you go, what you watch, something they can relate to. 

If they find something they like and relate to then there’s more of a chance they’ll come into your room and talk about that. 


The obvious choices 


Now, there are some obvious choices of course. Twitter for starters. How does a cam model benefit from Twitter? Their policy allows you to be both nice and naughty so members and potential members can see all the sides of you. You can promote your room, if you want to, share naughty pics and likes. All in all, it offers more freedom. 

Instagram is another great choice. There you have to be tamed but it’s well worth your time. You can share more personal and intimate photos of your day-to-day life, behind the scenes of your various photoshoots, or just a cute story of yourself. Keeping it user-friendly doesn’t mean it’s bad, it means you have to have a different strategy. And you can take advantage of their Reels to make more funny content.


What about other social media?


Although much less used by cam-girls, sites like Snapchat and Youtube can be very helpful to you. 

On youtube, you can do vlogs and give your members even more insight into who you are. 

Snapchat has a different advantage. There, posts only remain available for 24 hours so you could make exclusive content for it and make members curious to see more. 


In conclusion 


We strongly recommend Twitter and Instagram as they offer the best advantages but if you feel your time allows you you can also try Snapchat and Youtube. Don’t try to pick them all though, just the ones that suit you and your needs better.

And for a cam model, it’s most important to find new members so the first two options are the ones best suited for that.


So now that you know, get posting!