Have you thought about what you want from 2022? How do your New Year’s resolutions look like? Well, one thing’s for sure camming should be top of the list. After all, it’s how you bring the bread to the table. So, with that in mind let us help you and show you the way to a great 2022.

Learn a new language

This is always a classic. And you can never know enough languages. So, aside from being useful for you in your day-to-day life, this can be extremely useful in your camming. Think about it! You get members from around the world so it helps to know something other than English too. So when they take you to private you can surprise them.

Work on your English

Since we’re talking about languages…you can always improve on what you already know. So for 2022 take the time and work on your English skills. The more you know the better you can interact with your members. So why pass up such a golden opportunity? After all, if you understand them better you can make more money. So win-win.

Invest in new outfits

No matter if you work in camming or not, renewing your wardrobe with new outfits is a must. But since you’re gonna be on camera anyway might as well put in that extra effort. Buy outfits that you can use both online and offline. Make sure you get something that compliments your skin tone for example. Or your hair color. So if you’re a brunette red or green could work.


Get some new toys

I mean it’s obvious, right? You gotta spice up your collection and also get something new. It can get stale sometimes so why not have a wide array to choose from? Your members will appreciate it even more. Why? Because you get members in all shapes and sizes so you should have toys that mirror that. Also, take into consideration toys that can be remotely controlled. Members love them.

Plan a vacation

It’s all work but it should also be fun. You can put a vacation in your resolutions. Start to plan it ahead. Even ask your members where you should go and what you should visit. Keep it fun! Maybe even take notes on your progress and how close you are in achieving your dream.

Finally, eat healthier

Also super important and not directly related to camming. But do make a point to eat healthier in 2022. Have three meals a day. Make sure you get protein and vegetables and fruits in there. It will give you the energy to go through the day without the need for coffee and you will show your members a more bright and fun side of you with the energy you’ll get.

All in all, when you think about your 2022 resolutions they should serve a double purpose. Help your personal life and your work life. Do they? If not then start rewriting right away!