You are in your room, everything is going normally, you notice that one of the members wants to catch your attention more and more.
You start talking, he is very happy with you but suddenly the member changes and leaves the room. You have no explanation, but you know something happened.
Here are some phrases you should avoid in conversation with a man so that you do not find yourself in such situations.

Be careful who you name “my little boy”

Although some may like it, try to bring this phrase into the conversation after a while. Many may feel disturbed and not taken seriously by hearing these words.
Let him suggest that this nickname is for him.
Remember, words are the best tool, but you have to be very careful how you use them.

Don’t use too general words, avoid using “men” or “dude”

First of all, that’s not feminine. Also, you should try to show some affections, no one is gonna come there to be treated as a friend or as a stranger met on the street. You have to be there for him, understand him and try to make him
feel better. Of course, not when he behaves badly.

Never say “I don’t know”

If you want to make a fool of yourself, it’s okay, but only if you see that the member wants to behave a little omniscient. Otherwise, you have to be in complete control, it doesn’t have to exist
things that will surprise you or things that you don’t know how to answer. You always have to have an explanation, or at least look like you have one. Tips: if you sneeze, the other person
will forget what he wanted to ask and will tell you “bless you”. Not sure that’s a good trick to use due to this pandemic haha.


Try to instil self-confidence. Although it seems that men like helpless women, in front of whom they feel strong, behind the appearances they like to see
that the girl has an attitude, she knows what she wants and she knows how to impose her point of view. Try to improve yourself first, and then the results will appear.