We know what you’re thinking. Why should you keep the same login time all the time? Can’t you just log in wherever you feel like it? Turns out that’s a no! As with everything in life it’s better to keep a tight schedule and organize your day. It can be tempting, we admit, to just log in when the desire kicks in. But it doesn’t work that way.

If you want to build a reliable and loyal member base you have to show them the same reliability in return. You can announce your schedule on your feed, in a post, or in a story so that they can keep up. Mention the hours and time zone and try to stick to them as much as possible. If for some reason you can’t respect your hours one day then you can let your members know something happened but that the next day you’re gonna be online and ready to go.

But HOW can you keep the same login time?

Firstly, work on your sleep schedule. Keep it consistent. Go to bed at roughly the same hour so you can wake up at the same hour. This way you can be sure you can be online on time with plenty of time to have breakfast or do your morning workout.

Secondly, you can keep a journal or a planner where you can write down how to organize your day. For instance, you can note how many hours you want to spend online, when you’re supposed to log in and log out, and what to do in between.


Furthermore, you need to manage your time more effectively in such a way that every day you keep a consistent schedule that your members know about. Itțs important to let them know when they can find you online. If you constantly switch they will go away to someone who is more reliable with their time online.