As a cam girl, we all know you are earning good money, but what happens when it’s not enough?Us girls have to invest a lot of money in our bodies and minds, it’s not easy. So let’s see a few tips to use persistence for success.

I will begin with the conventional definition of persistence, ,,Refusing to give up or let go” .This is a simple way to understand the concept, and as a model it’s more important than anything else. Putting hours into your work and creating a member base will help you get those numbers higher and higher!

1.Work as much as you can

This is the most important thing. Putting in as many hours as you can will make people remember you, and most importantly, miss you.


Success never comes over night except if you are incredibly lucky, but how many of us can actually say that. So, hang in there, don’t get discouraged because you will have good days and slow days and they are both equally normal.

3.Persistence is key in using all the tools at your disposal

These days the competition in the field is fierce.But if you’re fortunate enough to have a great studio team behind you take advantage of their input, their guidance, their constant assistance and use everything they teach you to. In the long run it will pay off.

4.Be pleasant

You work in the entertainment business so your attitude is your greatest asset. People will always be attracted by a beautiful woman, but holding their interest is the main challenge. Stay informed, fun and welcoming and you will become the new “it” girl in no time.

5.Stay in touch

Social media is as important as being online streaming. Keep in touch with your members . Build up a strong presence so that the people you are interacting as can have the feel of the person you are.This will keep you in their minds and hearts for a long time.

And don’t forget: you are the only one who can live your life so don’t let anyone put you down.If you are smart enough to understand the power a Woman has, you will certainly go far in life. Just ask a few of the most successful models out there…